let’s start at the very beginning

the Tossed story

Following months of travelling the world in search of healthy food, Vincent; fresh out of Uni opened the first Tossed store in Paddington, London in April 2005. The mission was simple; to create a new, healthy and exciting food experience, that didn’t compromise on taste or portion size, for the UK market.

Our view is that healthy eating isn’t boring. To us, it’s about following a balanced diet that includes lots of fresh vegetables, lean protein, low GI carbs and the occasional as a reward!

By keeping food simple, fresh and natural, you can eat to your heart’s content.

You can create your own lunchtime masterpiece using our extensive range of fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Alternatively, opt for our signature house salads, wraps, toasties, soups and pho, all of which undergo rigorous taste tests and only the very best recipes make the cut. Our food is made fresh on site daily so healthy eating on-the-go has never been easier.

We don’t pretend to be healthy; we are! We were the first made-on-site company in the UK to display all of our nutritional information, and we continue to take your nutrition very seriously. We work harder to keep you healthier. Feel free to get in touch, your feedback is invaluable as we are constantly working harder to improve our products and services.

So…enjoy! And remember, whatever your parents told you, tossing is good for you!

Hope to see you again,

Vincent and the Tossed Team